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general font licensing can be summarized as such: in the simplest form, the font licensing is referring to an agreement between a font producer and a graphic designer for use of the fonts. as a result, the designer has the right to distribute the font, together with the other fonts, accompanied by the copyright license. as a result, the person using the font, and handing out the font to others, is considered the owner of the font. (the client cannot change the font without the author's permission)

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  • in addition to what is described above, font licensing is likely to include: if you own a web font (on and intend to add it to a commercial product, you should get a license from the web font producer. the license is commonly referred to as the web embed license.

  • you can have a stand-alone license, which gives you the rights to sell a font commercially, without any other restrictions.

  • some fonts are presented in a way that doesn't allow for specific usage and distribution rights to be granted. for example, in times when fonts were sold as commercial products, the fonts would be marked as trade secrets. as a result, you generally are not allowed to sell it as such.

if you want to bring a handwritten touch to your headlines then it is also great for this kind of purpose. it can be used for any content, simple text, lengthy paragraphs, quotes, store/shop names, menus, articles, post descriptions, magazines and newspaper headlines, brand titling, book names, invoices, utility bills, letters, resumes, and so on.


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