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Note: If you're updating to this version from version 1.00.165 or earlier, you will need to read the notes below concerning renaming your folders, etc., titled "IMPORTANT NOTES FOR CURRENT USERS CONCERNING THIS UPDATE" (under version 1.00.170 notes).


This update contains a work around for converting MP3s created with a popular and recent encoder application. The MP3s produced by this application are faulty, and the company behind the product has just put out a new release which has resolved the problem. Nevertheless, we have decided to create a work around for these "bad" MP3s, so that you may successfully convert them to Ots. There are no forwards or backwards compatiblity issues. Once converted to Ots files, they will play perfectly, even in older versions of Ots software.

The OtsJuke Demo is now fully functional with the small exception of exporting lists. Scheduling & Logging module functionality is also available in the demo. Now is the time to recommend OtsJuke to your friends and associates!

OMQL is a powerful query language that allows you to make full use of the information stored within the Media Library. Easily filter out items have been played recently, locate items based upon category, rating, length, BPM, etc! Create complex queries which combine all of these elements, and receive an instant response, even if your Media Library contains thousands of items!

If you're a radio user, and really serious about playlist generation, get a load of the new Scheduling & Logging module (available from as an add-on to OtsJuke). With this module you get full logging, but more importantly, you can schedule OtsJuke to run your station 24/7 with virtually no interaction. Get awesome song selection that you control, via advanced playlist templates. Most importantly of all, the Scheduling & Logging module can generate playlists that run for an exact amount of time, to-the-second! Time into the news perfectly at the top of each hour without prematurely fading out a song. The module does all of this for you, while respecting all of your rules about what kind of music to play, and when! The module knows how OtsJuke mixes, and takes all of this into account.

Menus have been dramatically re-arranged. Makes more sense now and allows for more options. You can control things like air/cue switching from within a menu option, which may make the lives' of macro program users a little less stressfull, not to mention our ever-increasing user base of blind users. Fact: Did you know that OtsJuke has been particularly popular among blind users since it's inception in 1999?!! It's true...

WDM drivers are now fully supported, and our tests show an almost perfect success rate, however as always, the quality of the underlying driver may dictate that a particular card does not work perfectly. The only card we have come across in this situation was a very cheap one that had buggy Windows 2000 drivers (on 98 it worked great, even with its WDM drivers). As always, try the OtsJuke demo on a potential piece of hardware before making a major financial purchasing decision.

Live Input !! : This is a feature that we have received hundreds of emails about and was one of our core goals. It is now a reality! OtsJuke now includes a full live-input subsystem! Using this functionality you can route any external audio (live voice, news feeds, other music sources, etc) through OtsJuke's audio pipeline, including the EQ and Dynamics Processor! The Live Input subsystem includes its own limiter to keep live voices in check. The end result is an awesome sounding professional output of music/voice which you can broadcast via ShoutCast, Save as Wave, or broadcast live through your main amp. This feature builds upon the flexibility of OtsJuke, allowing you to do even more amazing things. For example, it is now possible to use OtsJuke purely as a dynamics processor. (Not included for BoomBox registrations.)

Enhanced Scratching! : After consultation with real turntablists, some advances have been made to the OtsJuke scratching ability allowing even better sounds! You can now simulate what a scratch DJ does with his/her crossfader while scratching (usually is muting the audio while the vinyl is moving in one direction only). Simply press and release the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys while you're scratching. SHIFT will mute the record while it's spinning forward, CTRL while it's moving backwards. The scratch sampler and .OJS file format have also been enhanced to sample/store this additional "mute" information. Also, the vinyl simulation has been altered to spin at 33.3 rpm, since this is what most dedicated scratch plastic is recorded at, and it allows for more maneuverability. Old OJS files are still fully compatible of course! If you think the scratching facility is a gimmick and haven't really got into it yet, then start playing around -- some people are doing some amazing things with it! Happy scratching, and start swapping those .OJS files!!

Save as Wave split into tracks fix : The "split into tracks" option causes OtsJuke to begin a new wave file whenever you start a new song playing. The problem was that if you started a song only through your cue channel in order to preview it, OtsJuke didn't distinguish and would begin a new wave file at the point. Now, the points at which a new wave file is started are more intelligent considering that OtsJuke now has full cue channel and mixer support. Basically, if the song is not going to air, or is totally muted by the level controller or xfader, then it is not deemed as a new song beginning and will not cause a new wave file to begin until it is actually put to air (could be as simple as raising the level for that deck).

Improved Auto-DJ : Auto-DJ is now exponentially more complicated than before, due to the addition of directives! In the process of handling these complexities, we believe that we have further improved Auto-DJ, and it's ability to always do what you would expect. No mean feat considering OtsJuke allows full manual override at all times during the running of the program!

Support for separate stereo cue channel via SB Live 4-channel soundcard : If you have an SB Live soundcard (other DirectSound-compliant 4-channel cards may also work), OtsJuke now supports a full stereo cue channel via the rear outputs. Not available with BoomBox registrations.

Support for mono cue channel with all standard stereo soundcards : Even if you only have a standard stereo soundcard, you can still have a cue channel via the right channel (mono), and have your "on air" content go via the left channel (mono). If the main purpose of your presentation is to save as wave or upload to SHOUTcast, this option may be quite viable for you as the audio saved as wave/sent to SHOUTcast will still be full stereo. Not available with BoomBox registrations.

Seek-by-frame cuing, cue point set/jump : At any time, press CTRL+F3/F4 (Deck A) or CTRL+F7/F8 (Deck B) to enter seek mode. You will hear the audio frames repeat just like a Denon CD deck would do. Skip forward and back a frame at a time with these keys, or hold down SHIFT also to move in increments of 10 frames. To set the cue point, press CTRL+F2 / CTRL+F6. At any time, press Stop (F1 / F5) twice to jump back to the cue point. See keyboard shortcuts in our support section for full keyboard layout. Of course you can also cue using the virtual record (scratching) functionality. Simply drag the record to it's desired point, then press CTRL+F2 / CTRL+F6. Even if you don't cue this way, having the record showing while cueing, makes it visually much easier to see where you're at! Not available with BoomBox registrations.

Improved Auto DJ : Fixed some obscure problems with Auto DJ whereby it would not always behave as expected if you did crazy things with the decks. It is now always very predictable, while still allowing full override and intervention at any time without any problems.

Save as Wave : You can now save your mixes as wave file(s) for burning to CD or archival purposes. Make your own non-stop party mix CDs of your favourite tracks. Burn CDs in the "radio" dynamics processing mode for use in your car where road noise is louder and a punchier sound is better! OtsJuke will even prepare individual wave files per track ready for burning, but which will mix seemlessly when played continuously on a CD player! Please note that you need to have a full OtsJuke registration (not BoomBox) in order to use this feature.

Upload signal to SHOUTcast : OtsJuke now integrates directly with Nullsoft's SHOUTcast plugin! Start broadcasting the output of OtsJuke (including mixing, dynamics processing, and all!) directly to a SHOUTcast server for all to hear! This process is entirely digital so quality is preserved. Also, you do not need any additional sound cards to use this! With perfect mixing and that punchy sound, you'll be the best sounding SHOUTcast radio station out there! Again, this feature is only available for full OtsJuke registered users (not BoomBox). Please see our documentation page for our broadcasting guide.


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