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Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab: The Ultimate Romantic Comedy of 2023 - Stream Now in Full HD

Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab: A Hindi Movie Review

If you are looking for a romantic comedy with a twist, you might want to check out Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab, a Hindi movie that explores the meaning of love and its consequences. The movie stars Shahid Kapoor, Diana Penty, Ronit Roy, Amy Aela, Rajeev Khandelwal, Sanjay Kapoor, Vivan Bhatena, Zeishan Quadri, and Ankur Bhatia. It is directed by Zeishan Quadri, who also wrote the screenplay. The movie was released on June 9, 2023 in India and other countries.

Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab hindi movies full hd 1080p


Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab is a Hindi movie that revolves around the lives of four couples who have different views and expectations of love. The movie explores how they deal with their relationships, their emotions, their dreams, and their realities. The movie also shows how love can be complicated, confusing, painful, but also beautiful and rewarding.

Plot Summary

The movie follows four couples who are connected by friendship, family, or fate. They are:

  • Raj (Shahid Kapoor) and Neha (Diana Penty): Raj is a successful businessman who believes that love is a waste of time and money. He only cares about his work and his profits. Neha is a journalist who believes that love is everything. She is passionate about her career and her causes. They meet at a wedding and have a one-night stand. Raj thinks that it is just a casual fling, but Neha falls in love with him. She tries to convince him that love is not meaningless, but he rejects her.

  • Karan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Priya (Amy Aela): Karan is a singer who dreams of becoming a star. He loves music more than anything else. Priya is a dancer who supports him in his struggle. They have been together for five years and are deeply in love. However, when Karan gets a chance to work with a famous producer, he starts to neglect Priya. He also gets attracted to another singer, who tries to seduce him. Priya feels betrayed and hurt by his behavior.

  • Vikram (Ronit Roy) and Anjali (Sanjay Kapoor): Vikram is a wealthy businessman who is married to Anjali, a housewife. They have a son, who is studying abroad. Vikram loves his family, but he is bored with his routine life. He starts to have an affair with a young model, who makes him feel alive again. Anjali suspects his infidelity and hires a detective to find out the truth. She also meets an old friend, who rekindles her feelings for him.

  • Rohit (Vivan Bhatena) and Shreya (Ankur Bhatia): Rohit is a doctor who is engaged to Shreya, a lawyer. They are a perfect match, who share the same values and goals. They are happy and excited about their wedding. However, when Rohit saves the life of a girl, who is a victim of a terrorist attack, he feels a connection with her. He starts to visit her in the hospital and develops feelings for her. Shreya notices his change and confronts him about it.

The movie shows how these four couples face their challenges and dilemmas in their love lives. It also shows how they learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals and partners. The movie has a lot of humor, drama, romance, and music. It also has some unexpected twists and surprises that keep the audience engaged.


Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab is a movie that tries to explore the meaning of love and its different aspects. The movie shows how love can be simple or complex, easy or difficult, joyful or painful, depending on the situation and the person. The movie also shows how love can change over time and how people can change because of love.

The movie has some strengths and weaknesses in its execution. On the positive side, the movie has a good cast, who deliver convincing performances. The movie also has some catchy songs, composed by Amit Trivedi, that suit the mood and theme of the movie. The movie also has some funny and emotional scenes that make the audience laugh and cry.

On the negative side, the movie has some flaws in its script and direction. The movie tries to juggle too many characters and subplots, which makes it confusing and chaotic at times. The movie also has some clichés and stereotypes that make it predictable and unrealistic. The movie also has some scenes that are too melodramatic or vulgar, which spoil the tone and message of the movie.

The movie can be compared to other Hindi movies in the same genre, such as Love Aaj Kal, Hum Tum, Life in a Metro, etc. These movies also deal with multiple couples and their love stories in different settings and times. These movies also have similar elements of comedy, drama, romance, and music. However, these movies have different approaches and perspectives on the concept of love and its meaning.


Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab is a movie that tries to answer the question: what is love? The movie shows that love is not a simple or easy thing to define or understand. Love is different for different people and different situations. Love can be beautiful or ugly, sweet or bitter, pure or impure, depending on how we see it and feel it. Love can also be a source of happiness or sorrow, peace or conflict, growth or stagnation, depending on how we handle it and express it.

The movie is a good choice for those who like romantic comedies with a twist. The movie is entertaining and engaging, with some good performances and songs. The movie is also thought-provoking and relatable, with some realistic and relevant issues and messages. The movie is not perfect, but it is worth watching for its attempt to explore the meaning of love.

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  • Where can I watch Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab online in full HD 1080p?

You can watch Mujhe Pyar Se Matlab online in full HD 1080p on various streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. You can also rent or buy the movie on YouTube, Google Play Movies, b70169992d


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