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Thorgal: A Review of The Land of Qa and The Eyes of Tanatloc Albums

Thorgal: A Fantasy Adventure Comics Series

Have you ever heard of Thorgal? If not, you are missing out on one of the most popular and acclaimed Franco-Belgian comics series ever created. Thorgal is a fantasy adventure series that combines elements of Norse mythology, the legend of Atlantis, science fiction and horror. It tells the story of Thorgal Aegirsson, a mysterious child who was raised by Vikings but who has a destiny that transcends his origins. In this article, we will focus on one of the most memorable albums in the series, The Land of Qa, and its sequel, The Eyes of Tanatloc. These two albums take Thorgal to a mysterious island where he will face a powerful sorcerer, a ruthless tyrant and a quest for immortality and freedom.

Thorgal. [5], The Land of Qa, [The Eyes of Tanatloc] by Rosinski; Jean Van Hamme; L

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What is Thorgal?

Thorgal is a comics series created by Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme and Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosiński. It debuted in 1977 in the magazine Tintin, and has since been published in hardcover volumes by Le Lombard. The series has been translated into many languages and has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide. It has also been adapted into a video game, an animated series and a musical.

The main characters

The protagonist of the series is Thorgal Aegirsson, a young man who was found as a baby in a spaceship by a Viking chief named Leif Haraldson. He was adopted by Leif and his wife Svea, and grew up among the Vikings as an outsider. He married Aaricia, the daughter of Gandalf the Mad, another Viking chief, and had two children with her: Jolan, who inherited his father's psychic powers, and Louve, who can communicate with animals. Thorgal's life is marked by his quest for his true identity and his desire to find a peaceful place for his family.

Throughout his adventures, Thorgal meets many allies and enemies, some of whom are inspired by Norse mythology or other legends. Some of the most recurring characters are:

  • Kriss de Valnor, a beautiful and ruthless mercenary who loves Thorgal but also tries to manipulate him.

  • Aaricia's brothers, Bjorn and Gandalf-le-Fou (Gandalf the Mad), who are often hostile to Thorgal.

  • Slive, a cruel pirate queen who wants to kill Thorgal.

  • Volsung de Nichor, a Viking warlord who claims to be the son of Odin.

  • Nidhogg, a dragon who guards the entrance to Niflheim, the realm of the dead.

  • Ogotai, a Mongol emperor who wants to conquer the world.

  • The Magicians of the Red Land, a secret society of sorcerers who rule over an ancient civilization.

  • Tjahzi, a giant who kidnaps Aaricia and forces her to marry him.

  • The Guardians of the Keys, a group of immortals who protect the secrets of the universe.

The main themes

Thorgal is a series that explores many themes, such as:

  • The conflict between freedom and destiny, as Thorgal tries to escape from the fate that was imposed on him by his mysterious origins.

  • The contrast between civilization and barbarism, as Thorgal travels to different cultures and witnesses their values and customs.

  • The power of love and friendship, as Thorgal's bond with his family and his friends helps him overcome many challenges and dangers.

  • The role of magic and science, as Thorgal encounters both supernatural and technological phenomena that affect his world.

  • The meaning of life and death, as Thorgal faces mortality and immortality in different ways.

The main influences

Thorgal is a series that draws inspiration from many sources, such as:

  • Norse mythology, which provides the background for Thorgal's world and some of its characters and events.

  • The legend of Atlantis, which is revealed to be the origin of Thorgal's people and their spaceship.

  • Science fiction and horror, which introduce elements such as aliens, robots, time travel, parallel dimensions and monsters.

  • Historical fiction, which depicts various periods and places in history, such as the Viking Age, the Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.

  • Heroic fantasy, which features elements such as swords, sorcery, dragons, giants and quests.

The Land of Qa: A Mysterious Island in Thorgal's World

One of the most memorable albums in the series is The Land of Qa, which was published in 1986. It is the fifth album in the cycle called The Archers, which spans from albums 9 to 13. In this cycle, Thorgal is separated from his family and becomes an archer in the service of a king named Orgoff. He also meets Kriss de Valnor for the first time, and begins a complicated relationship with her.

The plot of the album

In The Land of Qa, Thorgal and Kriss are shipwrecked on a mysterious island called Qa. There, they discover a hidden civilization ruled by a sorcerer named Ogotaï. Ogotaï claims to be the reincarnation of Genghis Khan, and has enslaved the inhabitants of Qa with his magic. He also possesses a powerful artifact called the Eye of God, which allows him to see everything that happens in the world. Ogotaï invites Thorgal and Kriss to join him in his palace, where he reveals his plan to conquer the world with his army of warriors. He also tells them that he knows Thorgal's true identity: he is the son of Varth, a rebel leader who opposed Ogotaï's tyranny in the past. Ogotaï offers Thorgal a choice: to join him or to die. Thorgal refuses to betray his values and his family, and decides to fight against Ogotaï. He manages to escape from the palace with the help of Tjall, a young rebel who admires him. Together, they try to find a way to destroy the Eye of God and free Qa from Ogotaï's grip. Meanwhile, Kriss is torn between her attraction for Thorgal and her ambition for power. She decides to betray Thorgal and ally herself with Ogotaï, hoping to become his queen. However, she soon realizes that Ogotaï has no intention of sharing his throne with anyone. She also discovers that he has a dark secret: he is not really immortal, but he prolongs his life by stealing the souls of young women through a ritual called The Eyes of Tanatloc.

The characters of Qa

Besides Ogotaï, Thorgal and Kriss, there are other important characters in The Land of Qa, such as:

Tjall le Fougueux (Tjall the Fiery), a young rebel who becomes Thorgal's friend and ally. He is brave, loyal and optimistic. He has a crush on Aaricia, whom he saw in Th 71b2f0854b


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