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Igo Primo Dem Files: What They Are and How to Get Them

the simulation of the patient-independent part of the linac was done using penelope. the simulations of the patient-independent linac were done using the primo simulation model. once the psf was calculated, the rest of simulation parameters were those provided as default in primo. in the patient geometry, the primo software was used to perform the monte carlo simulations. the splitting-roulette technique was applied in the patient geometry with a splitting factor of 300. the obtained dose distributions had an average standard statistical uncertainty less than 1 % in all cases.

Igo primo dem files download

the differences between the dose distributions calculated with the primo software and those calculated with the tps were calculated as percentage deviations, using a matrix of dosimeters, placed in the region of interest (roi) defined on the patient phantom. in these cases, the standard deviation of the difference between the doses is the same as the standard deviation of the dose calculated with the primo software. the dose distributions were compared in each case using the gamma pass rate (gpr), which verifies the agreement of the dose distributions obtained using the tps and that obtained with primo. the gamma function was run using the criteria defined in [ 12 ]. the gamma pass rate was used to evaluate the quality of the dose distributions obtained with primo. the percentage deviation between the dose distribution calculated with primo and that obtained with the tps for each criterion was the difference between the two dose distributions divided by the dose calculated with the tps, times the average of the two dose distributions, times 100. the mean and standard deviation of the gamma pass rates of each criterion were calculated, as well as their 95% confidence intervals.


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