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Charles Green
Charles Green

Saree Ke Fall Sa Hd 1080p 13

After some persistent wooing, Chanda falls for Rajkumar's charms. Just when their love was about to flourish, Shivraj sees Chanda emerging from water while praying & lusts her wet body. In the meanwhile, he compromises with Parmar, and Parmar decides to get Chanda married to Shivraj, against Chanda's wish. Angered, Rajkumar beats Shivraj's men and challenges him, saying that he will marry Chanda in front of Shivraj. Shivraj tries a lot to impress Chanda but keeps failing. Chanda one day gets angry and challenges Shivraj with Rajkumar. She says that she will strip her clothes, herself, only if Shivraj defeats Rajkumar. Furious, Shivraj plans to get Rajkumar killed in an encounter by his pet police officer. But in return, he gets a shocking surprise when it is revealed that Rajkumar actually works for Don Ajit Takka and was sent to Dhartipur only to take over the drug cartel to which Both Shivraj and Parmar owe allegiance. Rajkumar captures Shivraj's truck full of drugs and drives it to Taaka.

saree ke fall sa hd 1080p 13



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