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They Call It €?Showtime”

They are safe and keep social distances up to standard. Real friendly with adults and children. My children and grandson go here as well. They talk to my grandson the whole time so that he's not afraid all while he's watching he's TV. Very professional. My children and I have been going since they were in elementary.

They call it “Showtime”


I received a call today during lunch from a non-descript number and I answered just so I could hang up on the telemarketer. When they said they were calling from Directv to thank me for being a loyal customer, I said, oh, okay... and then they said to thank me I would be getting Showtime preview as a promotion (as we have all seen many times before with Showtime, HBO, MAX etc. but never with a forewarning call. I said okay and hung up. Several minutes later i received an emaill from ATT stating that they have recieved my request for service change and were adding Showtime for $13.99 a month and my next bill would reflect it. After clearing the steam from my head I called the helpful customer service line in the Phillipines or India or wherever and after many prompts spoke to a nice gentleman who explained to me that Showtime was added to my package and I would see it on my next bill. Nope, not happening. I told him if it showed up on my bill that he could consider that as a formal cancellation. About time to switch to Dish anyway. Anyone else have this problem?

That doesn't count as a formal cancellation. If you choose to cancel at any time then you call DirecTV to do so. There is no future cancel if X happens. Remember like other companies you pay for the full service month, even if you decide to stop using service partway through.

If you callback, I would request to opt out of any outbound sales calls. As they have to disseminate that down the chain to any 3rd party sales, it may take up to 30 days to no longer receive those calls. Promos can be nice, but I prefer to discuss them when I call in (also to make sure they are legitimate as I don't trust telemarketers in general).

At Showtime Orthodontic Arts our board-certified orthodontist and team go above and beyond to make sure our patients and their families have a great experience from the moment they walk through our door! We have convenient weekend hours including Saturdays and Sundays! Why miss school or work if you don't have too?! Also, Dr. Shao is one of the four board-certified orthodontist in The Woodlands, Texas! He is also one of the few orthodontists to provide Harmony System lingual, hidden braces (braces behind your teeth) for the ultimate aesthetics! Dr. Shao and Team Showtime take pride in our untraditional, fun, and outgoing approach to orthodontics!

In March, during the NBA all-star weekend, he says he was at the Mamba Sports Academy in Simi Valley calling the ABA all-star game. While there, he read a tribute to Kobe and his daughter Gianna. The Academy is named after Kobe Bryant, who was also known as Mamba. Bryant and his daughter, along with others, were killed in a helicopter crash Jan. 26, 2020. Taylor wrote the tribute while still incarcerated at San Quentin. Taylor was also the sports editor and columnist for the San Quentin News.

Catherine,This is a real issue for caregivers because when doctors appointments are limited to 15 minutes a person living with dementia can pull it all together in this amount time, they can do this if there if family out of town and make phone calls to the person with dementia and this again is very frustrating to the primary caregiver. All professionals need to spend more than 15 minutes with your person and they will see the issues.I recommend that caregivers journal their days, short statements, not a lot of words and this may track patterns and this can be reported to the doctor to read before the visit. The person living with dementia has to cover up as much as possible to fit into our world and to be noticed as normal.Hope this helps. Where are you from and do you have any support groups in your area?Debbie Selsavage

This is all true. They will do as long as possible until the disease advances enough so that it becomes more and more difficult to fake it. It is not a disease that many people, caregivers, doctors know what is going on with their loved ones, doctors are not well versed/trained in the disease and it is becoming an epidemic and they cannot keep up with it. When a person with dementia is sleeping a lot it is not unusual in the later stages of the disease but in other stages it could be generated by depression, anxiety, other reasons could be medication changes/adjustments, it is taking too much energy to be in the normal world and to fit in the normal world, this is where we see more frustration and behavior issues in the afternoon time called sun downing. Do not be so hard on yourself many people do the same thing not because they want to because they do not know what is happening inside the person, we almost think they are faking it. I hope that mom is adjusting now and that you are doing better, is mom at home with you or is she in a care facility?

Hello Dave, You are right they are not trying to fool anyone this is a survival characteristic that they have. They can do this for only a short time and then get out of there because they will start to repeat. They can very easily maintain the idle chit chat. I am glad that you found this article helpful to understand what your loved one is doing. Keep learning and educating yourself of what the disease will do and how your loved one will has to maintain. If you live in Citrus County we present an annual conference in January 2020. If you want more information let me know.

Dorothy, Most doctors do not spend more than 15 minutes with us and this is a big issues with people living with dementia, if they can just get through the 10 minutes they probably will not se any issues. Most caregivers come out of the office more angry because the doctor did not see what they have been seeing. They can front really well for a short period of time.

Hi DebbieI was told this was called hosting and when I spoke to my husbands nurse she knew nothing about it.My husband was diagnosed 6 yrs ago with F/T Alzheimers and is still able to do this . To say its frustrating would be an understatement people who have no knowledge of him are shocked when they are told. Your article has made me feel so much more reassured no I know its not me thats imagining it. Thank you n

Hello Sue,You are not imagining this at all. We know that our loved ones that live with dementia can do really well to fool people for about 15 minutes, this is why so many doctors do not see what is really going on with the person, because they tend to spend less than 15 minutes with them. We hear this happening to out of state family when their only contact is on the phone, they believe they are doing just fine, when in actuality they are not showering, taking their medications, not eating. But they sound very normal on the phone for about that 15 minute time frame, if it goes longer they would probably hear the same story. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

The journaling idea is amazing. I have been having a hard time coping lately. My dad goes in and out of delusions and does showtime. My mom is the primary caregiver and I am so worried about her. I am going to start a journal of my own and am going to suggest that she do too. I think it will help us both.

Martha,This is a very frustrating thing for the care partners when their loved one can fool or front very well and others do not see what you see, especially the doctors. Please remember the person living with dementia is trying to protect themselves the best way they can, this is not to hurt you, they may not even believe there is anything wrong. You just j=have to be with them the best that you can and let the professional know as much as you do by placing notes with the doctors before you they see your person, paint the picture of what is going on the best you can and that may put the doctor on alert to look at things differently. I will send you online links to our support groups if you would like to join us we meet weekly, this could help answer some of those questions, situation and connect with other dealing with the same.We meet every Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evenings. I have provided you with the links, they will be the same each week. Thank you for reaching out to me. Keep in touch. Will also send the links via email.

We regularly order and pick up pizza. I order a very specific pizza and they do it right every time. The people who work there are exceptionally friendly and helpful. It's our go to place for pizza.

Really great pizza and lovely staff. The restaurant is clean and the pizzas were really good. They have a great variety and they make them fresh. I had a half cheese half pepperoni, a large vegetarian and a family sized meet in veggie.

When Stern dramatically revealed that the New York Knicks were the big winners, it not only caused much commotion from the large contingent of New York media, but also made the day a total success for the NBA.

The Warriors will draft a good player with the seventh pick, but probably not a superstar who can turn the team around. Even if the Warriors had lost the coin flip under the old system, they still would have had the No. 2 pick.

Twenty-five years ago, hip-hop was given a unique sound that has not been duplicated since. With songs that used samples from old kung-fu movies matched with gripping rhymes about personal struggles in New York's Staten Island (which they called Shaolin), nine MCs known as Wu-Tang Clan instantly became a sensation as their rugged style began to circulate through the rap scene.

Showtime's four-part documentary, "Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men" (premiering Friday), is an exhaustive look at the members' beginnings trying to stay out of jail (or not return to it), followed by international stardom once the first album hit. The group's rise was systematically orchestrated by its de facto leader, RZA, who not only produced the albums (and many of the solo works), but also made the group a multi-million-dollar brand thanks to a popular clothing line as well as production and management companies.


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