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Demonii Iubirii Anne K Joy 18.pdf

Demonii Iubirii Anne K Joy 18.pdf

Demonii Iubirii Anne K Joy 18.pdf is a digital file that contains the first book of the Demonilor series by Anne K. Joy, a Romanian author of romance novels. The book was published in November 2014 by Editura Olga and has 256 pages. The book is available for purchase on Google Play Books and Goodreads.

The book tells the story of Jessica Thomas, a woman who is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Her only hope is Ian Peterson, a famous lawyer and an old acquaintance, who offers her a deal: he will prove her innocence, but in exchange, she will have to marry him in a marriage of convenience. Jessica agrees, even though she does not love him. However, she soon realizes that she might fall in love with the devil she made a pact with. But Ian has his own demons that torment him and prevent him from accepting his feelings for Jessica. He pushes her away and breaks her heart. Jessica then meets Matthew Anderson, a man who is the opposite of Ian and who could make her happy. But what about her marriage? Will Ian grant her a divorce so that she can be with another man? What are the demons that haunt Ian's soul and heart? Why was Jessica behind bars?

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The book is a contemporary romance that has elements of suspense, drama, and eroticism. The author uses a fluent and captivating writing style that engages the readers and makes them empathize with the characters. The book has received positive reviews from the readers, who praised the plot twists, the emotions, and the chemistry between the main characters. The book has a rating of 4.14 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, based on 161 ratings and 6 reviews.

The Demonilor series continues with two more books: Demonul Ucis (The Killed Demon) and Demonii Trecutului (The Demons of the Past), which focus on other characters from the first book. The author has also written other romance series, such as Anotimpuri (Seasons), Identitati False (False Identities), Insuficient (Insufficient), Promisiuni (Promises), Magia Craciunului (The Magic of Christmas), Destine Frante (Broken Destinies), and Triumful Iubirii (The Triumph of Love). She also has a standalone book called Dragoste in 30 de Zile (Love in 30 Days).


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