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Read Perfect by Judith McNaught Online or Download PDF and Discover a Captivating Romance

Perfect by Judith McNaught: A Review

If you are looking for a romantic suspense novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Perfect by Judith McNaught. This book was published in 1993 and is the second book in the Paradise series. It tells the story of Julie Mathison, a third-grade teacher who gets kidnapped by Zachary Benedict, a former Hollywood star and convicted murderer who escapes from prison. As they go on the run together, they develop an unlikely bond that turns into love. But can they overcome the obstacles that stand in their way?

perfect judith mcnaught pdf


Perfect is one of the best-selling books by Judith McNaught, a popular author of historical and contemporary romance novels. She has written more than 20 books and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Her books are known for their emotional intensity, complex characters, and captivating plots. Perfect is no exception, as it combines romance, drama, action, and mystery in a thrilling story that spans from Texas to Colorado.

Plot Summary

The Characters

The main characters of Perfect are Julie Mathison and Zachary Benedict. Julie is a 26-year-old teacher who lives in a small town called Keaton in Texas. She was adopted as a child by a loving family after being abandoned by her biological parents. She has worked hard to overcome her past and become a respected member of the community. She is kind, smart, generous, and optimistic.

Zachary is a 36-year-old former actor and director who was once one of the most famous and successful celebrities in Hollywood. He had a glamorous life and a beautiful wife, until he was framed for her murder and sentenced to life in prison. He spent six years behind bars, enduring abuse and isolation, until he managed to escape with the help of his loyal friend Matt Farrell. He is cynical, bitter, ruthless, and desperate.

The Conflict

The conflict of Perfect begins when Zachary kidnaps Julie at gunpoint from a convenience store where she was buying ice cream for her students. He forces her to drive him to his hidden cabin in the mountains of Colorado, where he plans to hide until he can prove his innocence. Along the way, they encounter several dangers, such as a snowstorm, a car chase, a helicopter pursuit, and a shootout.

At first, Julie is terrified of Zachary and hates him for ruining her life. She tries to escape from him several times, but fails. She also tries to reason with him and convince him to surrender to the authorities. Zachary is cold and harsh with Julie and treats her as a hostage. He doesn't trust her and thinks she is just a naive and spoiled woman.

The Resolution

The resolution of Perfect happens when Julie and Zachary start to see each other differently and fall in love. Julie realizes that Zachary is not a monster, but a wounded man who has suffered a lot and deserves justice. She learns more about his past and his career, and admires his talent and courage. She also sees his gentle and caring side, as he protects her from harm and comforts her when she is scared or sad.

Zachary realizes that Julie is not a pawn, but a person who has a lot to offer. He discovers her intelligence and humor, and appreciates her honesty and kindness. He also feels her warmth and passion, as they share intimate moments in the cabin. He decides to let her go, but she chooses to stay with him and help him clear his name.

Together, they find the evidence that proves Zachary's innocence and exposes the real killer, who is a powerful and corrupt politician. They also face the consequences of their actions, such as the legal and social repercussions of their relationship. They overcome the challenges and decide to start a new life together, as they realize they are perfect for each other.


The Themes

One of the main themes of Perfect is the power of love. The book shows how love can transform people and make them overcome their fears and prejudices. Julie and Zachary are from different worlds and have different personalities, but they find a common ground and a deep connection in their love. Their love also gives them the strength and motivation to fight for their happiness and freedom.

Another theme of Perfect is the importance of trust. The book illustrates how trust can build or break relationships and how it can affect people's choices and actions. Julie and Zachary have to learn to trust each other, as they face many dangers and uncertainties. They also have to deal with the lack of trust from others, such as the law enforcement, the media, and their families and friends.

The Writing Style

The writing style of Perfect is engaging and descriptive. The book uses a third-person omniscient point of view, which allows the reader to see the thoughts and feelings of both Julie and Zachary, as well as other characters. The book also uses dialogue, flashbacks, and foreshadowing to reveal more information about the characters and the plot. The book has a fast-paced and suspenseful tone, as it creates tension and excitement throughout the story.

The Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strengths of Perfect is the character development. The book portrays realistic and relatable characters who have flaws and virtues, and who grow and change throughout the story. Julie and Zachary are especially well-developed, as they have complex backgrounds and motivations, and as they show different facets of their personalities. The reader can empathize with them and root for them.

Another strength of Perfect is the plot twist. The book surprises the reader with unexpected revelations and turns that keep the story interesting and unpredictable. The book also ties up all the loose ends and provides a satisfying ending that resolves all the conflicts and questions.

One of the weaknesses of Perfect is the length. The book is over 500 pages long, which might be too long for some readers who prefer shorter and simpler stories. The book also has some scenes that might be unnecessary or repetitive, such as some of the flashbacks or the romantic scenes.

Another weakness of Perfect is the credibility. The book requires some suspension of disbelief from the reader, as some of the events or situations might be unrealistic or improbable. For example, some of the coincidences or escapes might be too convenient or lucky, or some of the reactions or decisions might be too irrational or impulsive.


In conclusion, Perfect by Judith McNaught is a captivating romance novel that combines suspense, drama, action, and mystery in a compelling story that explores the themes of love and trust. The book features well-developed characters, an engaging writing style, and a surprising plot twist that will keep the reader hooked until the end. The book might have some flaws, such as its length or its credibility, but they do not overshadow its strengths. Perfect is a perfect read for fans of romance novels who enjoy complex characters, emotional intensity, and thrilling plots.


  • Q: Where can I find Perfect by Judith McNaught in PDF format?

  • A: You can find Perfect by Judith McNaught in PDF format on various online platforms, such as Internet Archive , Project Gutenberg, or Open Library. However, you should always check the legality and quality of these sources before downloading or reading any books.

  • Q: Is Perfect by Judith McNaught a standalone novel or part of a series?

  • A: Perfect by Judith McNaught is part of a series called Paradise, which consists of four books: Paradise (1991), Perfect (1993), Night Whispers (1998), and Someone to Watch Over Me (2003). Each book focuses on a different couple, but they are connected by some recurring characters and settings.

  • Q: Who are some other authors who write similar books to Perfect by Judith McNaught?

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